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QPYU Functions

From day 20 to March 26, 1931, at the Conference of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Indochina 2nd, the Party Central Committee has devoted a significant part to discuss youth work, posing problems " organization ... the Communist Youth Union mission to win over an important part of the proletarian class, is an urgent problem that must be solved Party ", advocated unification of youth organizations the Communist Youth Union of Indochina, to attract young people to strive for the ideals of communism.

On the basis of the Resolution of the Central Executive Committee of the 2nd, a member of the Party Central Committee was appointed in charge of issues related to youth in the Party committees from central to local levels. At the end of April 1931, from abroad, in Central America, Union Parish Committee was established on the basis of the Civil Union Commission delegation levels. In some provinces have established Provincial Committee of Union and district level committees Union, on the basis of the youth branch of the party.

From 1931 to 1935, the Communist Youth Union of Indochina continues to grow in Cao Bang, Lang Son, South Vietnam. March 1935, at the Congress of the Communist Party of the First Indochina in Macau (China), the Party Central Committee has officially recognized by Union action program published since 1933 and proposed the convening Union Congress nationwide. But due to the changing situation, the Congress was not in session.

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