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Quang Ninh Provincial Youth Union Structure

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Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Quang Ninh is a socio-political organization in the political system of Quang Ninh province. Quang Ninh Provincial Youth Union consists of 19 district- level units; 723 units of grassroots level youth unions and youth cells; 4,137 youth cells and 139.386union members. The total number of young people in Quang Ninh Youth Federation is 117.345 and the ratio of uniting and gathering youth is 66.2%. 

QPYU advises the Executive committee, Standing Committee of Quang Ninh Provincial Youth Union about youth work, Vietnam Youth Federation’s work, Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer Organization‘s work and youth movement of the province.

Address: 176 Lê Thánh Tông Street - Hạ Long city - Quảng Ninh province

Tel: 033.3622.934

Fax: 033.3622.934

System constructure

 QPYU consits of 45 members of Executive Committee, including 15 members of Standing Committee.

Permanent Members: There are 1 Secretary and 3 vice secretaries as follows:

- Comrade Nguyen Thi Thu Ha,  Secretary

- Comrade Vu Thi Dieu Linh, Permanent Vice Secretary

- Comrade Ly Van Thanh, Vice Secretary

- Comrade Hoang Van Hai, Vice Secretary

The organization structure of QPYN:

Including 19 grassroots level units (14 district/city level units and 5 subordinate units)

19 District level units:

(1) – HCYU of Dong Trieu District

(2) – HCYU of Uong Bi City

(3) – HCYU of Quang Yen Town

(4) – HCYU of Ba Che District

(5) – HCYU of Binh Lieu District

(6) – HCYU of Cam Pha City

(7) – HCYU of Co To District

(8) – HCYU of Dam Ha District

(9) – HCYU of Ha Long City

(10) – HCYU of Hai Ha District

(11) – HCYU of Hoanh Bo District

(12) – HCYU of Mong Cai City

(13) – HCYU of Tien Yen District

(14) – HCYU of Van Don District

05 subordinate units:

  1. HCYU of Quang Ninh Provincial Police
  2. HCYU of Quang Ninh Provincial Military Command
  3.  – HCYU of Quang Ninh Provincial Borderguard
  4. - Office of QPYU

(4) – HCYU of Quang Ninh Coal

(5) – HCYU of Quang Ninh Provincial Agencies Block

QPYU Office: including 7 Departments and 5 subornate units:

  (1) - Organization and Inspection Department

         (2) - Propaganda and Education Department

  (3) - Uniting Youth Department

  (4) - Rural, Worker, Officer and Urban Youth

  (5) - School Youth Department

         (6) - International Youth Department

03 subordinate units:

(1) – Quang Ninh Children Palace

(2) – North East Team of Youth Volunteers

(3) – Quang Ninh Youth Job Promotion

Total number of Officers in QPYU:52 comrades

Total amount of officers in subordinate units: 39 comrades


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